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HOLO is the first completely digital design studio. We focus on high quality product and transportation design. Founded in Germany we are a digital network of creative experts located around the globe. We meet in virtual spaces to work and create together as a team.

Lukas Rossnagel

Founding Partner

Merdan Demirci

Founding Partner

Graduated in Transportation Design at the University of applied sciences Pforzheim and with multiple experience as exterior designers in German and Japanese OEMs we build up a diverse skill set in design-thinking and cross-cultural cooperating.

Thanks to positions in experimental car design departments, we discovered the potential use of next gen software for design processes, which we refined and took into practice in a year of freelance work.

That gives us the ability to combine established design methods with the latest, most efficient digital processes.


Digital Thinking

Create new opportunities

We mostly work digital for two reasons: On one hand to eliminate physical boundaries. On the other hand to act responsible towards resources and environment.

Without limiting ourselves on a fixed location or timezone, we are able to build multicultural project teams tailored to customer needs.

We refrain from using paper during our processes and presentations, by using the latest software and hardware. Which not only saves resources, but also generates a more efficient workflow.




Through holistic design services our goal is to find the perfect sweet spot between aesthetic and cost-efficient solutions for your product and design processes. That's why we offer our support on all project stages in a design phase.

What We Do

to make your products good-looking

01 Conception and Ideation
- Brand Strategy
- User Value
- Design Key Development
- Package Model


02 Digital Design Sketches
- 2D Sketch Ideation
- Realistic Sketch Renderings
- Package Solutions
- 3D Preparation

03 Digital 3D
- Sub D Sketch Models
- Class A Final Model
- VR Meetings
- Photo Realistic Visualizations

04 Prototype & Design Support
- 3D Printing
- Feasibility Checks
- Technical Design Adaptations
- Design Consulting for Engineers



Even though we are spread all around the globe, we focus to be in reach for you at any time.
Our Team uses Virtual Audio, 2D and 3D rooms to create an office like atmosphere. By creating project groups for clients to join, we are constantly working on integrate you in our design-processes.


Team spirit defies distance

Holo is not an ordinary arrangement of freelancers. We care for team spirit and private connection inside the company.

Our clients profit from well functioning projectgroups, who gathered experiences working together and are constantly improving their workflow.

Therefore, physical distance is no limitation for us. We have plenty of ways to stay connected and to enhance our teamwork.

Interested in working with us?

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